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We help students and freshers build their career portfolios
by encouraging them to contribute to open-source projects.

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Why Us?

As a new programmer, you have a tremendous opportunity to learn and create fantastic softwares.

Techpro club is a platform to help you hone your programming skills and learn to collaborate with people early on in your career.

While you contribute to projects, ask questions, and share your knowledge, we track them down in one place and help you build a better portfolio.

We are open-source, and if you wish to contribute to us or report a bug, please visit our Github repository here

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For Developers


Innumerable projects to work on based upon your matching skills and many more to learn.

Developer portfolio

As you keep contributing, you will learn and build a solid portfolio.

Get Hired

Get hired and receive recommendations from your employers

For Project Owners

Multiple Projects

Post and manage your projects for free. Its unlimited and with no time boundations!


Find the best project contributors across the world according to your project needs

More visibility

Through our network you get instant visibility to your contributors and adopters

Join us today and start building your career journey
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